What’s The Repair Cost If A Locksmith “Pops” My Car Lock?

The whole point of “popping” a car lock – is that it doesn’t cause any damage. Today’s locksmiths have a wide range of tools they can use to open a car when you’ve lost the keys, without hurting anything or leaving you a big repair bill. In fact popping a lock doesn’t really mean that the lock is popped out of the door; it’s just a figure of speech. The only bill you’ll be left with is the locksmith’s charge, which is small potatoes compared to the cost of getting frustrated and breaking your car’s window in order to get in.

When you lock your keys in your car in the Charlotte metropolitan area, you’ll need to find a car and home locksmith in Charlotte NC who responds to all phone calls, whether you make a call on a weekday or even a weekend, very early in the morning or just late at night. These type of emergencies can (and usually do) strike at odd hours and you cannot wait for the next day. The best advice is to always carry the name and phone number of a qualified locksmith in the event of a problem. If you don’t have a locksmith you can call, AAA or the police can usually either call for you or give you a list of locksmiths they have screened.

More Interesting Facts About Car Keys


Technology is really driving up the cost of the modest car key, with the best dealers charging an average of $400 (and some going up to $1500) for replacement services. The main reason for this rise in cost is the added safety measures now placed in different vehicles. The main sort of extra security is the “electronic” talk that is done between key as well as the car. This is done by a car requesting some information from the “chip” which is located within the head of a key, and after this, it will allow the car to start. If the electronic information is not offered, or in cases where it is incorrect, the car is immobilized. Not only is the price a drawback of the present generation of keys as well as fobs but the delivery of replacement keys may take even six weeks.

There are so many variables that are considered when replacing any kind of keys, including the car’s origin country, they make as well as the model and perhaps most importantly, the year that the car was made. This is to say that there is no rule whether the experts can cut keys for any given car, but it is strongly suggested  one needs to talk with a qualified locksmith expert before paying too much from the manufacturer.

Lost Car Keys

Car and home locksmiths in Charlotte NC continue to provide replacement keys for the simple pre-immobilizer cars as well as continually increasing the technological capacity to provide keys for the current models. This technology comprises an ability to plug into cars’ on-board system to make new keys or even the removal of a cars “ECU” to make sure that is best set within new keys re-installed afresh.

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