A Guide To Locksmith Charges

Before choosing a home locksmith, it is best to have various price quotations from different companies, so you can be sure to not only find a qualified professional, but not spend a lot more money than you need to.

Locksmiths, of course, charge differently for the services they offer. Prices for rekeying or replacing door locks, key cutting, fixing window locking mechanisms, opening a car door or safe, or performing more complicated commercial locksmith services . All these services are charged at a different price. This is because the tools used and time required are different, replacement keys or locks differ greatly in their cost, and some jobs are much more complicated than others. Bear in mind that a locksmith in Charlotte NC may charge less than one in New York, and more than one in Raleigh.


Average Prices

Some locksmiths charge by the job, some charge by the hour (with materials extra), and some use a combination of the two pricing models.

For US customers, here are the 2013 average prices as reported by Locksmith Ledger.

Labor Charges
Service Call $68
Hourly Rate $50
Auto Opening Call $60

Key Duplication
American Single Cut $3.95
American Double Cut $4.50
Foreign Single Cut $4.00
Foreign Double Cut $5.25
Sidewinder Auto Key $61
Transponder Key $72
Flat Steel $5
Tubular Key $8
Bit Key $12
Safe Deposit Key $8
High Security Key $17
Best/Falcon Key $7
Key From Broken Sample $7
Re-Key Cylinder / In Shop
Key-in-knob $15
Rim / Mortise $10
Set To MK system $15
High Security $20
Pick/Shim Cyl. Open (addl) $5
Best $18
Safe Deposit $22
Tubular $15

Auto Locks / In Shop
Fit Std. US Ign Key $50
Fit GM Vats Key $78
Fit Foreign Ign Key $78
Fit Transponder Key $93
Fit Sidewinder Key $120
Rekey Door/Trunk Key $35
Fit Motorcycle Key $87

Keys By Code
American Single Cut $15
American Double Cut $20
Foreign Single Cut $15
Foreign Sidewinder $68
Suitcase $10
Tubular $25
Motorcycle $20

Fitting First Key
By Impression $35
By Reading $33

Combination by Code $18
Pin Tumbler by Code $13

The prices are based on national averages, so the cost will probably be higher in major metropolitan areas, and lower in rural spots. They also don’t take into account extra fees for night or weekend service or for emergency response when time is of the essence. Also, note that the survey didn’t consider more complicated jobs such as opening safes, working on electronically-keyed systems for business or industry, or working on rare or foreign lock-and-key systems. But this should give you a starting point for comparing the various estimates you’ll receive, for example, when looking for a home locksmith in Charlotte or in Sacramento, CA.

Some of these prices may seem high, but don’t forget, keep your home, business or car safe will not only protect you from expensive losses, but will probably save you quite a bit on your insurance costs as well.

Many companies offer discounts for various services or internet specials, so it’s important to take that into account when comparing services and prices. There are also other specials which pop up from time to time; in our area, for example, Charlotte Locksmith Local offers two free keys when you have your house rekeyed.

Armed with this information, it should be easier to compare price quotes and select the best locksmith for your job. Good luck.

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